Advanced Certificate in Management

Description of the course
ACM aims to provide students with an overview of office management philosophies and contemporary practices in the area of general office management. It offers students the opportunity to build a strong foundation in management which is a pathway for them for further higher education in Management and Business.

Entry Requirements
• 3 Passes in GCE O/L OR
• Successful completion of MNU Foundation Level 1

Course Duration
1.5 years (03 Semesters)

Course Coordinator
Aishath Leeza 3345219

Course Structure

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Fee
CPT105 Computer Concepts and PC Applications 15 1125
BUS101 Business Studies 15 1200
STA003 Introduction Business Mathematics 15 1125
ENG055 English for Further Studies Study Skills 15 636
MGT013 Introduction to Management 15 1200
MGT001 Office Administration 15 1200
BUS107 Maldives Business Environment 15 1200
TRS041 Tourism in Business 15 1125