About Us

Centre for Open Learning, COL is prominent and well known for its provision of quality distance education all around Maldives ever since its establishment in 1999. COL has been promoting and catering self-directed learning for people who are in need of educational opportunities and for professionals tied to work and family commitments.
Online and distance learning at COL offers innovative and interactive lessons with up- to- date teaching and learning techniques with tutors and fellow students.

How Do You Study at COL?

COL offers blended learning which includes face-to-face and online learning. A Moodle based learning management system called GEM forms an integral part of the learning experience for our students. It creates a learning environment where our learners are bale to:
• access course materials and do learning activities
• have online discussion between students and tutors
• submit assignments and receive feedback

A dedicated team of academic tutors and administrative staff will be the main point of contact throughout the course. They provide student-support for individual students and groups where needed. Students will benefit from studying alongside a diverse network of fellow students and will be able to enter regular online discussions via GEM.

New students are expected to attend COL or the respective Outreach Centers for orientation programs in the beginning of each semester. Throughout the semester all our students are required to attend two or three face-to-face block sessions and the final exams. The rest of their studies will be completed online. Students are welcomed to meet their lecturers, course coordinators and use university facilities such as computer labs and library at their convenience.