Dean’s Word

A Word from the Head of Centre

Head of Centre

Welcome to the website of Centre for Open Learning (COL), The Maldives National University. On behalf of the COL team, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for your interest in COL and our courses.

COL has been playing a key role in the Maldives in providing distance education to the island community since the establishment of the Centre in 1999. Since then our main focus has been to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the people of the Maldives who are dispersed to 185 small islands. To fulfill this goal, COL has taken the advantage of the best options available at the times.

In the beginning of the Centre, we offered courses in correspondence distance learning mode. However, through the rich experience, COL has enhanced it’s practices and now we offer a wide range of programs using technology-enhanced approaches. We have adapted 21st century smart learning approaches to give you the best learning experiences.
COL now offers programs ranging from certificate-levels to Masters-level. Now we offer programs in different disciplines such as education, nursing, business, management and human resource management, judicial administration, social policy and English language. Our target is to cater the needs of our disadvantaged island community due to geographical and economic status of the Country.

Please look through our website to learn more about our programs and activities. We, the COL team are willing to answer your questions and queries. We will ensure to provide you the best flexible learning approaches available in the Country to allow you to achieve your goals while you live with your family in your island. Stay connected with us.


Mr. Ramiz Ali
Head of the Centre
Centre for Open Learning